ART AVENUE represents: Thiago Goms from São Paulo

Es ist uns eine Ehre euch heute unseren ART AVENUE Künstler Thiago Goms aus São Paulo vorstellen zu dürfen.

Thiago “Goms” kommt der aus momentan im Urban Art weltweit führenden Stadt São Paulo und ist unser absoluter Shootingstar im ART AVENUE Portfolio. Wir lernten ihn auf der Stroke 2013 in München kennen und konnten ihn im Frühjahr 2014 bei ART AVENUE unter Vertrag nehmen. Bereits unsere erste Show mit ihm – der ART AVENUE Urban Art Pop-up-Store im April 2014 – übertraf alle Erwartungen, so dass wir am letzten Tag kein einziges seiner Werke abhängen mussten // SOLD //

Wir freuen uns euch in diesem Herbst auf zwei weiteren Shows seine Werke zu präsentieren. Die genauen Daten hierzu folgen noch!

Wer das nicht erwarten kann sollte sich hier umsehen (ein Werk gibt es aktuell noch im Verkauf):

Canvas // SOLD

Watercolor // SOLD

Thiago Goms live painting at Stroke Munich 2014

Mural São Paulo

Thiago Goms live painting at ART AVENUE urban art pop up store Munich

SOLD // SOLD // SOLD at ART AVENUE Pop Up Store Munich

Lino Print // 1 of 30 // SOLD

Thiago Goms live painting at Stroke Munich 2014

Goms watercolor // SOLD

tudo bom!

Bem-vindo à arte avenida thiago!

About Thiago:

Thiago “Goms” was born in São Paulo in 1984. His earliest influences came
from his childhood strolls through the city’s downtown area, where he grew
fascinated with the street art decorating the area’s high-rises and began
to wonder how it was all done and who it was done by. Although he wasn’t
quite sure what the urban works were all about, in time he started trying
to memorize what he saw and recreating it in his notebooks at school.
During his adolescence, some of his friends who were already painting in
the neighborhoods of Grajau convinced him to move his canvas from the page
to the walls, and over time his understanding of the street art universe
and his desire to paint both continued to grow. Little by little, he
started transporting his works to other mediums, where he drew on his comic
book and cartoon influences to create his characters, and incorporated
elements from his own imaginary universe. He soon realized the similarities
between these characters and his friends and relatives and began utilizing
the characteristics and behaviors of those around him as inspiration. The
marriage of these influences is what brings his anthropomorphic characters
to life in São Paulo with a blend of animalistic qualities and human
personality – nothing more than a reflection and artistic extension of







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